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Like your bookmarks have come alive
Feeder is like a collection of bookmarks that tell you when they’ve updated. When a feed you follow has a new post, click it and it opens directly to the content. No distraction, no middle step. Go to your where you need to be. The essence of an RSS feed reader.

Unique way of following your feeds
With the extension your feeds are literally on top of your browser. Through an icon in the toolbar a window opens where you can see your RSS feeds and new posts. A brilliant little RSS browser widget. It gets you where you need to be as quickly as possible. A unique and immensely popular way of following feeds. The best way of following RSS feeds if you ask us.

Follow sites via an icon in the browser

See all updates from the sites you follow in one list

The fastest way to get updates

Always see the number of unreads

Go directly to the post

Over 600 000 installs

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Mobile apps

Carry your feeds with you

Feeder on mobile and tablet

Your posts in your pocket
With our apps for mobile & tablets you have your feeds & RSS reader tools always with. Whether it be at home, on the buss, abroad or on the toilet. Stay updated in the place you feel most comfortable and enjoy a fantastic reading experience with our brilliant mobile feed reader.

Get notified wherever you are
With push notifications active you’ll get notified instantly of updates. All thanks to our advaned RSS technology. With simple mode you get rid of the clutter, or read from the website directly. With push notifications active you’ll get notified instantly of updates.

Your feeds on your iPhone

Read posts on your Android

Read wherever you like

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Feeder Web

As big
as it gets

Read RSS feeds on the web

The home of your feeds
Our web client is our biggest reading experience, as well as our most advanced RSS tool. Available at It requires nothing to be installed, just log in and see everything synced. A great RSS feed reader for everyone.

Filling up your screen
Your posts fill up the screen, and allows you to calmly browse your RSS feeds in your tempo. Both browse and view in one place, unlike our RSS browser widgets that open the posts in new tabs. With our browsing tools you can read every post easier. Also, keyboard shortcuts allow you to navigate Feeder in super speeds.

Read feeds with an active sidebar

Your content in the biggest way possible

Manage your entire account

Super fast browsing with keyboard shortcuts

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