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We want to change the way you consume information. We want any update in the world to be available to anyone, anywhere, exactly when it happens.

Meet the team

The people behind Feeder

Erik Rothoff


Original co-founder & developer. Laid the foundation for Feeder at his parents house, 2010.


Johan Rothoff


Original co-founder & designer. Made a faux wooden background in the first version of Feeder.


Mattias Mellander


Joined Feeder in 2015. From Sweden's west coast, therefore has a love for sea food & bad puns.


There are over one billion websites today. One billion. Just the number can overwhelm you.

There are so many great websites with so much great content. Keeping track of them all is impossible. To see if a website has posted something new you have to check them each individually.

Back in 2010 we got frustrated, and decided to solve this problem ourselves. We knew it had to be something dead simple, intuitive, and fast. We needed to build something that had to feed us the information.

At first, it was only for ourselves, but apparently a lot of people felt the same way. It started as an extension for our browsers, but grew to a platform.

Today Feeder helps over half a million people keep up-to-date with work feeds, friends blogs, cooking sites, win auctions, get jobs and a lot more.

About us

Some years ago we got tired of being overwhelmed by information, and did something about it. We created Feeder. We live for helping people by creating accessible, super simple products that anyone can enjoy using.

We are Erik, Johan & Mattias. Two twins and a banker. Three Swedes who are passionate about pushing technology forward.

Feeder is based in Stockholm, Sweden, in good company with industry giants like the fashion brand H&M, music service Spotify, and game company Mojang (they make Minecraft!).


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