Collect, refine and consume content in the best way for you.

Follow feeds

Pick favorites from millions of sources

Add content sources to get your very-own customized news feed. Through advanced RSS integrations, we connect to almost any source on the web – blogs, news, weather, government databases, job boards, Mastadon, newsletters and more. Just pick and mix.

In real-time

Get notified instantly

We check for updates faster than you ever could manually. With notifications, we let you know that there's new content you care about available, allowing you to know what happens, right when it happens.


Block out unwanted keywords or topics

Add filters to your feeds to find keywords or specific topics in posts. You can also exclude certain keywords to remove noise. Filters combined with notifications allow you to get notified for even more specific content.


Use an array of tools to manage content

Sort, label and share. When you find something important, share it with your friends or colleagues. We have all the tools to optimize your information intake and spread it to relevant parties.


Save your favorite posts for easy access. Collect them in your favorites to save them for later.


Create custom collections of posts for your specific needs. Great for research purposes.


Create rules to filter, star, or automatically add posts to collections with you or your team.


Easily organize feeds in any order you like, or put them in folders for easier access of certain topics.


An article you like becomes better when shared. Share it easily on Facebook, X, Linkedin and more.


If you’re new to Feeder you can import feeds from other services to get started as fast as possible.


Customize your reading experience

Whether you use Feeder for large consumption or casual browsing. read content in the way that suits you. Light theme for the day, dark theme during the night. Use compact mode to maximize content or simple mode to remove all clutter.




Track & manage multiple feeds live

Enable up to 10 columns, or decks, for specific feeds or folders, and watch as new posts come in real-time. Create a unique dashboard to maximize content consumption.


Enable a common pool of knowledge

Teams is a way for you and your co-workers to organise and share feeds. Setup a team in a couple of clicks and start sharing feeds, posts and workflows directly.

Share feeds

Enable your team to share insights easily.

Fully secure

Advanced security features allow you to feel safe.

Create groups

Divide users into groups for smarter sharing.

Save hours on finding and following content every week.

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