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Find & filter incoming jobs with one simple tool

Take Gengo to the next level with the all new Gengo power-up for Feeder.
More control will make it easier than ever to manage jobs.

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  • Easy access to new jobs
  • Advanced filters
  • Super fast updates

Advanced filters

Precise control over incoming jobs

See the jobs you care about most with advanced filters

Reward amount

Filter for small or big jobs, depending on your needs.

Language pairs

Prioritize and sort language pairs in any order you want.

Standard or pro jobs

Access the jobs you care about the most.

Time of day

Receive notifications when you're on the clock.

Super fast updates

Get updates from the fast lane

We check as often as possible

We check Gengo's servers for updates so often that you don't need to worry about missing out.


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What people are saying

Testimonials from users

We're very excited that Feeder has developed this fantastic new Gengo power-up for our users by adding custom features to help them with their specific needs as translators.

– Lara Fernández, Gengo Community Manager

As a translator, Feeder has become my number one tool to get constant, updated information on new jobs as they become available. I also appreciate being able to customize it to my personal needs as well as using my account on different operating systems, devices and browsers.

– Alicia L. Alonso, Gengo translator

Gengo Integration

Only $8 per month
See all jobs in one place
Advanced filters
Super fast updates

Pricing & Setup

$8 per month

Try it free with our trial program. After that only $8 per month. Payments are securely handled by Paypal.


Sign up or log in to your Feeder account, under Settings you can enable the new Gengo power-up.

Get Gengo for Feeder

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