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With Feeder, you keep 100% updated with regulations – from the regulator, newsgroups or websites. Feeder is specialized in following important content from many different sources. We even have integrations with social media, like Mastadon or newsletters.

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Time could be critical when regulators announce new rules or regulations. Get instant updates via e-mail, phone, or desktop. Distribute the information to relevant people in your team, create advanced workflows and enable fast and accurate decision making.

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Feeder displays important information in an easy to digest way, so you can take it in at one glance. Filter to increase relevancy and customize the view to your needs.

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your needs

Feeder Business for compliance can be tailored to your specific needs. Customise what sources your team follows. Automate the manual process of checking for updates. Our crawlers are awake and working 24/7.

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New legislation in GDPR 3.2 PR 2.3

Published 1 min ago

New legislation in GDPR 3.2 PR 2.3

Published 1 min ago


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With Feeder you can follow almost anything: government databases, public databases, press releases, newsletters, Google Alerts, RSS feeds, YouTube feeds, newsletters blogs, and a lot more. We can help you get setup fast with relevant sources like SEC, EUR-Lex,, EBA, etc.


Don't just take our word for it

Feeder is an integral part of our monitoring in the newsroom and is used in all departments. We are very happy with the solution so far. Feeder is easy to use; from navigation to adding sources and setting up special needs for monitoring.

– Magnus Aabech, NTB

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