The basics

One place for all your feeds

Whether it be blogs, news, RSS feeds, anything.

Feeder — A feed reader
Collect all new posts from the sites, blogs & RSS feeds you follow in one single place. Read them comfortably in our feed reader. Feeder makes it easy for you keep track of two, ten or even hundreds of feeds. When they update, they end up in one single feed. We pride us in being of the best RSS feed readers out there.

Feeder uses RSS technology
Anything that uses the popular web standard RSS can be added to Feeder. That might sound complex, but all you need to know is that most websites have RSS feeds. Basically, any site or service that updates regularly. With our advanced RSS reader tools we give you the fastest and reliable updates out there.

Learn about RSS


All tools at your disposal

Advanced RSS tools in an easy-to-use interface, for everyone

Read in anyway you like
See updates sorted by feed or see all newest posts in one list. Open the post and go directly to your content, or view the post clean without distraction in simple mode. We try to get out of your way, so you can get to your content as fast as possible.

Do even more
With Feeder’s fast updates and notifications, you can be first with information, and never miss a post. We check for updates faster than you ever could. Then send the updates to your RSS feed reader as fast as possible. Allowing you to keep focused on what is important to you.


Read wherever you are

Available on all platforms

Feeder is available everywhere
View your posts anywhere: on a desktop with our extension, our RSS browser widgets, on the go with our apps or read comfortably in our online feed reader.

A unique way to stay updated
Our extension for browsers is a whole new way of following feeds. It gets you directly to the posts’ website in the fastest way possible. Download our RSS widgets and never go back. It's browsing the web as it should be.

Your feeds on the go
With our apps for iOS and Android you won’t miss out on any updates from your RSS feeds when you’re on the go. Super easy to use and delightful feed readers.