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information terminal

Track & manage multiple feeds live

Enable up to 10 columns, or decks, for specific feeds or folders, and watch as new posts come in real-time. Customize the layout in the way that suits your needs to create a unique dashboard.

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Display up to 10 decks of feeds

Add up to 10 decks and set them to display the feeds you want. Show specific feeds, folders or types of feeds. Combine them with filters to make advanced information streams.

Real-time updates

See new posts as they come in

All decks have real-time updates enabled. Creating a continuous stream of information. Great for both passive or active use.

Keyboard Navigation

Command your information blazing fast

Traverse posts with keyboard navigation. Navigate and take action. Faster navigation for increased productivity.

See it in action

Case Study

Transforming news uptake for the Norwegian News Agency

Working together we developed a solution to consolidate their information sources

The Norwegian News Agency (Norsk Telegrambyrå, NTB) transformed how they collect and distribute news items with Feeder. Together we developed a solution to fit their needs.

Editors each have an instance of Feeder set up with feeds from their respective branch. When new items come in, through sharing options they distribute those items to reporters to use as sources.

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