All tools at your disposal

To collect all posts & being first on updates

Fast updates

Be faster by getting faster updates

As low as 1 minute updates

Knowing when it happens
To be able to be first on job boards, on auction sites, RSS feeds – first with information. You have to check more often than your competitors. Our feed readers check for updates faster than you ever could. And by using Feeder you get ease an of mind, knowing we do the hard work for you.

Through advanced RSS technology
Through state-of-the-art technology our servers check hundreds of thousands of feeds, every second. Sending the information to your feed reader as fast as possible. Whether it be our browser extensions, RSS browser widget, or mobile apps. The fastest update speed for individual feeds is once every minute. You can setup how fast, or slow, you want a feed updated.


Be notified anywhere

Get notifications of new posts & updates on your feeds

Know when it happens
Many sites and services require you to be first. With notifications we send you a banner letting you know that your feed or RSS feed has a new post, allowing you to know what happens when it happens. Great for news or job boards. Our RSS tools work with them all.

Anyway you want
Customise which feeds to get notified of, either everyone or just that feed with the job board, auction site or whatever you like. Combine notifications with filters to get notified fast of specific topics. Pick which feed reader to receive them on, desktop, mobile, browser extension, RSS browser widget or all of them.

Get push notifications on your phone

Desktop notifications

Push notifications

E-mail notifications

Simple mode

Focus on what matters

See only the content you care about

Remove all clutter
Simple mode takes a post, and creates the best reading environment for it. It removes clutter and just shows the essential. Creating an easy to read environment allows you to consume more and better content in faster way. Supported on our RSS feed readers for most platforms.

Show just content
Thanks to advanced RSS technologies we can remove big banners, annoying menus, basically everything that can be a distraction and isn’t essential for the post. Then leaves you with text and photos, formatted with beautiful typography and highlighting photos. Just pure, beautiful content.

Advanced filters

Finding what you need to know

And filtering out what you don’t

Filter keywords or on time of day
Create filters to find keywords in posts. Very useful if you’re researching certain topics. Or use time of day-filters to not be disturbed at home. On of the great benefits with our RSS reader tools.

Ease of mind
Say that you need to know when a certain politician is named in the press, and you need to know fast. Filters combined with notifications allow you get notified directly as it happens. It can also be used for filtering out certain topics, if you’re tired of reading a certain politician when all you want to do is relax. Enable on all our RSS widgets.


Time of day

Everything else

Get to know all features

All features & more to expect from an RSS feed reader

Full sync

All your feeds, RSS feeds, posts, favorites, filters, everything is synced to where you need it. Our servers store it safe and secure.


An article you like becomes better when shared with friends. Through our advanced RSS tool you can share it easily on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.


Easily organise feeds in any order you like, or put them in folders to minimise information overload. Great if you have a lot of feeds.

Star posts

Save posts for later, for when you need it. Or just save it to read later. Starring a posts puts it in a special tab accessible on any device or RSS widget.


Read feeds in the way that suits you. Light theme for the day, and dark theme during the night. Feeder tries to get out of your way.

Import & export

If you’re new to Feeder you can import feeds from other services, or export them for safe storage. We support standard .OPML-formats that most RSS feed readers support.