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Last updated about 13 hours ago

Follow Twitter with Feeder - Release 1.0

about 13 hours ago

Today we're excited to announce that our new Twitter feature has graduated...

Destroy fake news mini-game – the winners!

12 days ago

It’s time to name the winners of our Destroy fake news mini-game!...

Feeder update: Twitter

18 days ago

For today’s birthday surprise, we're very excited to announce that we've now...

Mini-game: Rid the world of fake news

18 days ago

We promised crazy things when Feeder's 10th birthday week started. We meant...

Try Feeder Dashboard for a month – for free!

20 days ago

Today’s 10th year birthday surprise: Our Feeder Dashboard is now free for...

Feeder update: Newsletters

20 days ago

Today we continue our crazy celebration of Feeder's 10 year anniversary by...

Happy 10th birthday, Feeder

22 days ago

It feels weird to say but… Feeder celebrates 10 years this week!...

Keep up with Feeder on social media

about 1 month ago

This year we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to update...

State of RSS survey - The results

about 1 month ago

Our weeks of vacation are over and we’re slowly getting back to...

Feeder supports anyone taking a stand against Apple's anti-competitive practices

about 1 month ago

Feeder is an app built in Stockholm, Sweden, run by a team...

State of RSS survey - 2020

3 months ago

Today we're excited to release our "State of RSS" survey! RSS and...

Feeder Update: We are now available for Microsoft Edge

3 months ago

Great news for Windows users! Feeder is finally available for the Microsoft...