Feeder for Freelancers: Finding Remote Work

Working remotely is a more common privilege nowadays. In this ongoing Coronavirus crisis, many people have been advised to work from home. But remote work and the gig economy has been on an upward trend for some time now. Still, far from everyone has even got the option. But modern technology seems to keep finding ways for more people to do so. 

Many remote workers, such as freelancers, use Feeder to find the next client or gig. In this article we suggest different networks that you can use if you are looking to take the plunge.


Upwork.com is the rising star of the gig economy. It started as two different networks, Odesk and Elance that merged in 2015 to become the behemoth it is today. On Upwork you register as a worker, your profession and your desired hourly compensation. Once accepted you can start searching for available jobs.

When logged in, you can utilize their search engine of job to generate RSS feeds that can be added to Feeder. Each job normally has a limit of 5 applicants, so you have to be fast. You can also use our Rules feature to only get notifications about jobs that better matches your skills. Feeder Pro is also a great addition here because it gives you even faster updates.


Freelancer.com is the second largest service after Upwork. There’s a vast selection of jobs available and it’s important to stay up to date as soon as the jobs come in. Each job can be bid on by a number of applicants.

To get their latest jobs you can follow their master feed right here: https://feeder.co/discover/f98d51dc46/freelancer-com


Gengo is a marketplace for translators to be matched with companies that needs help with translations. Jobs are distributed in a first-come-first-serve model so update speed is crucial. Together with the Gengo team we developed the Gengo power-up. This allows you to do an even more effective job search at Gengo.

With the power-up, advanced features are unlocked for you to use in your search. The most important feature is super-fast updates where we check for new jobs every 5 seconds. You receive a notification as soon as a job comes in to increase your chances of being the first one to know about it.

If you also want to reduce unnecessary noise, we have developed advanced filters to target the right jobs for you. For example, you can specify the award amount you’re looking for. 


Guru.com was founded in 1998 and is an American company focused on matching freelancers with companies. They host a large number of different categories. If you’re a budding freelancer you can read about them here.

You can follow their job feed here: https://feeder.co/discover/57bbc74602/guru-com


RemoteOK is a search engine matching remote job seekers with companies looking for remote workforce. Their primary focus is on tech workers like programmers and designers. But they also have support-roles and none-tech categories. Follow their master feed here: https://feeder.co/discover/e87d06cc30/remote-jobs-rss

In this case, using our Rules-function can be a great addition to your job search. You can add filters with keywords or phrases that are related to what you’re looking for. 


Craigslist is one of the world’s largest marketplaces. They have an extensive jobs-category where regular people and companies search for workers and jobs. The Feeder extension for Chrome or Firefox allows you to easily add searches from the Craigslist search page. 


Freelance.ru is a Russian network matching freelancers with available jobs. You can follow their master work-feed here: https://feeder.co/discover/928939d09b/freelance-ru


Freelance.ua is a site that helps you find a job on the Ukrainian market. We have collected a set of their most popular feeds in this list below: https://feeder.co/discover/freelance-ua

We Work Remotely

The office giant We Company offers a service of curated remote jobs. Aimed at the high-tech segment, it’s truly a great resource. We have collected their most popular feeds here: https://feeder.co/discover/weworkremotely-com

Language jobs

Below we’ve compiled a list specifically for translators or language professionals looking for work.


ProZ.com is an online community for language specialists and translators. Their mission is to connect people looking for translators with translators, and have a massive database of both translators and translator requires.

You can follow their master feed of jobs here: https://feeder.co/discover/13ffe53dca/proz-com-language-jobs-amp-format-rss

Or using their search engine to customize the types of jobs you are looking for: https://www.proz.com/language-jobs


Stepes calls itself the “Uber for translation services”. They provide a wide range of translation and interpretation services backed by humans like yourself.

Currently they don’t provide a way to get notified via Feeder, but we are looking into making this possible. For the time being you can sign up as a translator here and use their dashboard to search for jobs.

WordPress Translation jobs

WordPress is a content management solution that powers over 30% of the internet. They have a community of website builders needing help with translations. Follow their job feed right here: https://feeder.co/discover/a4b8edaa7b/jobs-wordpress-net

It doesn’t seem to be updated too often, but in the job search, no search is too small!

Also, check out what other listings they provide: https://jobs.wordpress.net/

AI jobs

With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is a strong demand for the human touch. Somebody needs to train the machine to understand our human nature, which is why gig workers are often used as on demand resources for classifying large amounts of information.


OneForma is a marketplace where trainers can apply for human-in-the-loop AI tasks. Often the requirements are pretty stringent when it comes to location, culture or language, which is why your qualification might be just round the corner. Create an account and follow this feed to stay updated about new possible gigs:



Jooble.org is a job search engine that initially started in Ukraine and now is available worldwide. It works a lot like the well-known Google search engine but is intended for people to search specifically for jobs. Jooble indexes hundreds of thousands of jobs from thousands of websites so that you can find them in one place. Freelance jobs are also posted here, but you can customize your search however you like: https://jooble.org/jobs-freelance-work-from-home

Ideas welcome!

A digital nomad is somebody who combines a “nomad lifestyle” with having high-tech jobs. Remote work is definitely a growing pillar of the futures economy. With Feeder you can stay ahead of the competition in your job search.

This is a living document that we aim to expand in the future. Are we missing a great resource? Please let us know at support@feeder.co if you know any more job networks that could be helpful.