RSS feed readers for Android

Today a lot of people follow news via Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or even Instagram. They decide what you should see and when you should see it, and it’s all controlled by a single entity. It’s time to break free from the filter bubble! Get started with RSS feed readers for Android and install them on your device. Then decide for yourself where you get news from.

An RSS feed reader is an app that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds, small files describing the latest post of a publication. It doesn’t even have to be a news publication, it could be a blog, social media, stock updates, weather and more. There’s a multitude of great apps out there and can be downloaded from your app store of choice. A lot of them are free, some ad supported and some have paid upgrades.


rss feed readers for android


To get started you first have to decide which feeds you want to follow. We provide a list of suggested feeds in the article RSS List – Popular and Useful RSS Feeds. When you have your feeds you just have to add them in the search bar of the rss app you decided to try out. A lot of readers also support OPML import and export. That’s a file format that lists a lot of feeds, and is standard across readers.

The navigation is a lot of the time based around a stream of posts/articles/updates. In some readers you are provided with a snippet of the content as well. Normally you can organize your feeds just like files on your desktop: in folders and sorted by name.

Some apps like Feeder even have a an option to share your feeds with friends and colleagues or with coworkers, making it easy to curate content together.

feeder - an rss feed reader for android


Some of the best RSS feed readers for Android

Feeder is an RSS feed reader with lots of features. When you create an account you securely store your feeds and settings on our servers. Log in on a new device and instantly synchronise your settings and feeds. Access your feeds on the go, be it on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device. Stay organized by putting your feeds in folders, give them creative names. Store posts for later by starring posts, and you can quickly find them in the Starred tab.

With the Unread view you can see all posts you have yet to read across your feeds. Unique to Feeder is that we provide extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. With them you can always see how many new posts you have, and see which websites have feeds that you can subscribe to. Enable push notifications to instantly get notified when new content is available, or enable e-mail notifications to get notified in your e-mail inbox.

In the future we are planning to add features like organising your saved posts, searching for posts, improve the reading experience with more appearance options, improving the experience when adding and searching for new feeds. We also plan on adding more integration with 3rd party services, for sharing, data crunching and more!

gReader is a classic RSS reader for Android. It works great with podcasts, provides themes and offline support. It syncs up with external services like Feedly, The Old Reader, but also has internal syncing capabilities. It’s free and ad-supported.

RSS Reader is customizable RSS reader that let’s you decide how you want to consume your feeds. You can share posts on your social network, download posts for offline reading among other things.