RSS lists – Popular and useful RSS feeds

RSS lists are groups of RSS feeds which are sorted in general or specific topics. Basically lists of information sources. Created to make it easier to follow a lot of different sources at one time. Users are often organisations, businesses, media, teams and so on. The feeds in the list can be grouped in endless ways, depending on what information you need. 

rss lists - popular and useful rss feeds

RSS lists are very helpful to synchronise information flow in companies. A good use case for RSS lists are in online marketing. The lists could be ordered according to general categories of products, such as: home and garden products, for pets, for the kitchen, cleaning, home appliances, etc. As well as according to brands, categories and sub-categories of certain types of products and services. These lists could be used with the aim to compare products, tracking the launching on the market of a new product or promotions.

Examples of RSS lists

Below are examples of RSS lists divided into categories of some of the most added feeds by our users, based on anonymous information.