Search within any or all of your feeds, folders or collections. When you need to find something: Just type a keyword in the box and hit enter.

Searching feeds, folders and collections

Get started by entering your search term in the search input. Click enter and your search results will appear.

To search inside a folder, click into that folder and search from there.

Search multiple feeds

You can also search multiple feeds or folders by clicking the Filter search button, and in the feed picker you can select the feeds, folders or collections you want to perform a search within. Click apply and the search will be performed.

Filter searches

Click Filter search within your search results to refine your search with filters. Filter by dates or enable filtering for unread, read or starred posts.

Select your desired filters and then click Apply filters.

Search operators

Narrow your search with advanced operators. Below are some common operators with example searches:

rocket ship
Containing both “rocket” and “ship”

"rocket ship"
The exact phrase “rocket ship”

Rocket OR ship

* signifies a wild card

Rocket AND ship

There are even more operators with advanced functionality:

( and ) signify precedence

~N after a word signifies edit distance (fuzziness)

~N after a phrase signifies slop amount

To use one of these characters literally, escape it with a preceding backslash (\).