Automatically post news to Slack

With Feeder you can setup automation rules to only get notified about news relevant to you and your team. There is also a lot of ways you can actually be notified. One way that’s increasing in popularity is to use Slack.

With our Post to Slack feature you can now pipe news updates directly into a Slack channel.

Getting started

Open the Rules tab from the sidebar menu and press “Create Rule”.

On the “Create rule” page choose the “Post to Slack” action:

Choose what feeds you wish to get notified about, and optionally add a keyword filter if you want to filter out content to reduce noise.

Now you need to connect your Slack account to our Slack integration by pressing the “Connect to Slack” button. This will open a prompt to allow Feeder to access your Slack workspace. We only use the permissions for Feeder’s intended purpose.

Note: You might need the workspace’s admin to accept these permissions for you.

Once you are connected you will see some options to choose which channel to post to.

We recommend creating a separate channel for automated news updates, so people can join and leave as they wish.

Once you’ve set all that up it’s time to press “Done”. The rule will start monitoring your feeds and notify you in Slack.

Have any questions about Feeder’s Slack integration? Contact us at