Display modes

Everyone has their preferences. I have mine and you have yours.

With Feeder you can consume the content in a couple of ways.

There are three main display modes. You can switch them using the “Display” button on the navigation bar.

There’s the three pane mode which allows you to see the posts list in a column and the actual post next to it. You can even see the full website using the toggle above the post.

There’s the reader mode, where you can open posts inline if you find anything interesting.

There’s also the minimal mode, which gives content the most space.

Additionally, you can enable the compact mode to make the list a bit more condensed. It works with each of those three display modes.

While we’re here, you’ve probably already noticed that we have themes. Pick the one you like the most.

Play with the display modes, see which one works for you best, and have a great time!

Oh, one more thing. There’s also our famous Dashboard view, but it’s so good, we had to make a separate article about it. Don’t worry, it’s in this feed!