Welcome, this is how you read posts

Hi, thanks for choosing Feeder!

What you’re reading now is a post.

Posts come from feeds. You can see a list of all the posts from our tutorial feed on the list on your left.

All your feeds are shown in the sidebar, also to your left.

Now you’re in our tutorial feed, but in a moment you’re going to add more feeds to your account.

You can move between posts with the arrow buttons above it. Or by clicking a different post on a list.

And if you really like something, you can star it. Starred posts are available from the sidebar.

The counter next to a feed shows a number of unread posts. You can click this counter to mark all posts in this feed as read. But I wouldn’t do it now. Just go through them, and I promise – you will find valuable information about Feeder.

Now, click the down arrow button above to see how you can add the feeds you like.