Adding feeds

This is where the fun begins.

Click the “Add feed” button on the navigation bar (that’s the one with a plus sign) to open the menu.

On the top you can see the search bar.

You can enter keywords to search our catalogue for the stuff you like.

You can enter a website address (also known as the URL) to scan it for available feeds.

Or you can enter a feed’s direct URL if you have it.

There’s a huge catalogue of feeds split into different categories, free for you to browse.

You can also follow social media, do web monitoring with services like Google Alerts, look for jobs on job boards, even add e-mail newsletters straight to Feeder, and much more!

What if the website you want to follow doesn’t offer the feeds you want? Or any feeds at all?

Use our manual picker to select a part of the website.

Look for an element like a title or a heading you think is going to be updated and click on it.

See the preview on the right, and if these would be the updates you’re looking for, click save.

Now you can tweak some settings if you want to, and when you’re done – click done.