How to break stories faster

With the world constantly changing and evolving, staying on top of information has always been and will always be important. We’ve mentioned many times that Feeder works with plenty of journalists and news agencies around the world and that they all have one thing in common: They need to be first.

Feeder update: Post to Slack

Yes, we have a new cool feature! We call it “Post to Slack”. Actually, it’s a new kind of Rule that we created for all of you Slack users out there.

Public Dashboard: Elon Musk

What can you say about a guy like Elon Musk? Well a lot of stuff happens around him. All the time. We used our dashboard feature to create a public, free dashboard to stay updated with his latest antics.

Welcome Daniel!

Today we're happy to welcome Daniel to the Feeder team. He'll be in charge of the sales team and his main mission is to introduce Feeder to more and more people. But who is Daniel? We asked Daniel to answer a few questions to get to know him better.

Feeder update: New typography

When creating our new mobile apps, our users told us that the most important aspect when consuming content that mattered to them was a great reading experience. It had to be better than reading posts anywhere else. And we found that at the core of a great reading experience on screen is very beautiful and legible typography. We listened and started working on creating just that.
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