Feeder is attending Startup School by Y Combinator

September 05, 2018 09:05

Y Combinator, one of the world’s most famous seed accelerators, is hosting a free 10-week online course for startups. The goal is to encourage and inspire founders or aspiring founders in building or developing their company. To provide them with all tools and resources in the next step of their... Continue →

Beta opportunity: Follow any website

July 30, 2018 09:11

One of the most common problems people run into is that sites they want to follow don’t have RSS feeds. Other times there might be elements of a webpage that you want to monitor for updates.

The last couple of months we’ve been working hard to make this a possibility... Continue →

Launching Feeder Dashboard

June 18, 2018 09:20


After half a year in development, and 4 months in Beta. We are proud to release Feeder Dashboard live. Together with a release offer of 50% off.

Create your own information terminal

Enable up to 10 columns, or decks, for specific feeds or folders, and watch as new posts come... Continue →

Launched today: Totally New Web Reader for Feeder

May 07, 2018 20:55


Today we’re proud to announce the next exciting step in Feeder’s journey: The Web Reader 2.0.

Since the announcement that AOL Reader and Digg Reader were shutting down we’ve been working our butts off to make Feeder a warm welcoming place for all these users.

What is new?

We have... Continue →

Coming soon: Biggest update to the web reader, ever

April 30, 2018 15:34

In exactly 1 week from now, we’ll be launching a major change to one of our platforms: The web reader.

It’s one of our most mature platforms, and has changed very little since launch. It’s been a stable way to get updates on your topics. Now we’re making it a... Continue →

RSS is not dying, poorly run products are

March 15, 2018 19:49

Many celebrities have been declared dead on social media, and have had to go to their Twitter and proclaim that “No, I am in fact not dead”. Today, it’s easier to declare the death of someone, than it is for that someone to stop the spread of misinformation.

Recently many... Continue →

Out for beta: Feeder Dashboard

February 20, 2018 16:46


Today we’re pleased to announce Feeder Dashboard, the second power-up available for all Feeder users.  


With the Feeder Dashboard power-up, you get access to a completely new way of consuming large amounts of information. Add up to 10 panels with different feeds or folders, and coupled with real-time and filtering... Continue →

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