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Workspaces – the new way to collaborate

After over 6 weeks in our Beta program, and many iterations and improvements later, we are so happy and proud to announce it to all our users.

Introducing: Workspaces for Teams ✨

Collaboration between team members is one of the most powerful and loved features in Feeder - but has, up until now, been a bit daunting for new users. This renaming and full UX-overhaul is aiming to rectify that.

You can find your workspaces in the sidebar, where you can swiftly distinguish feeds from your personal- and team workspaces, all in one glance.

What has changed?

In this release we have:

  • Renamed Groups to Workspaces
  • Integrated Workspaces into the Sidebar for easy access and clear distinction between personal and team feeds
  • Simplified navigation between different workspaces, making multitasking a breeze (keyboard navigation is now better than ever!)
  • Completely re-designed the Team homepage to clarify the purpose of Workspaces
  • Made adding Feeds to a Workspace (prev. Group) easier than ever before
  • Added a guided onboarding for first-time Workspace users

How to get started?

We have compiled a little help article for you to get started. Read more on this link:

Help us keep improving

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback and you can reach us at

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