Reddit RSS feeds

Reddit is one of the biggest social networks out there. So much great content comes from Reddit. And through Reddit RSS feeds you can follow almost anything within your favorite feed reader.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is basically a social network for sharing articles, images and discussing topics in specialised forums. Users rate content by up- or downvoting posts. Posts with more votes are ranked higher and get more exposure. The original poster then gets so-called karma points.

The content is organized in user-created boards called subreddits. They cover all manner of topics. Such as news, politics, sports, lifestyle, fashion, technology, politics, image sharing, music, books, fitness, nutrition, health, and more.

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How do I follow Reddit with RSS feeds?

Reddit offers a feed virtually for every page that you can add to your favorite RSS reader. Here’s how to create them, depending on what type of content you want to read.

  • Home page. Follow popular posts by simply entering the following URL in your reader:
  • Subreddits. To follow specific subreddits, such as /r/askreddit, just add “.rss” to the URL. For example:
  • A user. To do so, you must add its username after the last / add the .rss, for example:, where alienth is the user’s username.
  • Combine subreddits. To follow different subreddits in one feed, combine them with the “+” sign, then end with “.rss”. For example:
  • Comments on posts: Find the URL for the specific post and just add .rss at the end of the URL. For example:
  • Follow specific domains. Reddit track the domains posts come from. The URL follows this convention[site name]. Then end it with “.rss” to get the feed. For example:

Some additional and interesting RSS options

If you want to keep track of only the latest posts, you should add the following parameter to the URL just before .rss:? Sort = new, for example:

RSS feed from the search engine

If you use the search engine to search for a word or phrase, such as “marketing,” you’ll see the following URL at the address bar of your browser: To create RSS feeds, it is necessary to add .rss again after the search.

Protected feeds

You could also add your protected feeds that apply only to your account, such as feeds on your homepage, your messages, stored links from you. To do this, simply go to your Reddit account preferences, enable the enable private RSS feeds setting, then the RSS feeds tab, and you can retrieve the URLs of your feeds.