Twitter feeds

Twitter is one of the biggest producers of interesting, unique content. Getting tweets into your Feeder enables you to truly collect all content you care about in one place.

Connect your Twitter account

Adding Twitter feeds is easy. Get started by clicking the “Add feed” button located in your favorite reader. Here is a link to the web reader.

From there, switch to the Twitter tab:

If this is your first time adding Twitter feeds, you first need to connect your Twitter account. Click the “Enable Twitter feeds” button to open the dialog in which you authorise the connection. Don’t worry, we will never post anything to your Twitter account without your permission. Once you are connected the fun begins!

Follow a Twitter user

Individual users are the building blocks of the entire Twitterverse. Without users, there are no tweets. Luckily, users are super simple to add.

Add a Twitter user by entering the accounts username and clicking “Add user”. That’s it, now your done.

You can also edit it as you would any other feed. Add filters, rules, enable notifications and more.

Then when you’re done, the feed will show up in your feed list and new posts will show in the posts list.

Following Twitter searches is a very powerful way of staying updated on certain topics, mentions of brands, news etc. It is a simple way of combining tweets from many sources. Enter your keywords in the field labeled “Add search”.

You can add a simple keyword, like “rocket”. That will create a feed showing all the mentions of the keyword “rocket”. When the search is added, it will show results from seven days back and then show new ones as they come in. You can also make it more specific by adding the mention of a username, hashtag or combining multiple keywords. “rocket #liftoff @spacex”. Would create a search for the keyword “rocket” combined with the hashtag “#liftoff” and people mentioning the account @spacex. Under the section “Advanced searches” below you see all different types of searches you can make.

Follow a list

Lists are curated types of content. Users create lists with specific accounts. If you follow users that tweet about different topics, you can use lists to divide groups of users into topics. These lists can be public or private.

To follow a list, copy the URL to that list and enter it in the “Add search” field. You can add your own lists or public lists.

Advanced searches

Below is a list of different searches you can make.

rocket shipShows results for both “rocket” and “ship”
“rocket ship”Shows results for the exact phrase “rocket ship”
rocket OR shipShows results for either “rocket” or “ship” or both
rocket -shipShows results for “rocket” but not “ship”
#rocketShows results for the hashtag “rocket”
from:spacexFrom user “spacex”
to:nasaTo the user “nasa”
@feedercoMentioning user “zapier”
“rocket ship” near:”florida”Shows results for the exact phrase “rocket ship” and sent near “florida”
near:florida within:30kmSent within 15 kilometers of “Florida”
rockets since:2020-08-01Shows results for “rockets” and sent since date “2020-08-01” (YYYY/mm/dd)
rockets until:2020-11-08Shows results for “rockets” and sent up to date 2020-08-01
rocket ships πŸ™‚Shows results for “rocket” with postitive attitude
rockets πŸ™Shows results for “rockets” with a negative attitude
rockets ?Shows results for “rockets” and asking a question
rockets filter:linksShows results for “rockets” and linking to URLs

Include or exclude media/replies

If you want to only see the links that are posted from a Twitter search or user, enable the toggle Show only links or media. This is a great way to use Feeder as a complement to your normal client and to save all links that your Twitter followers tweet.

You can also choose to include or exclude replies from a user. This is useful if a user replies too many tweets, because then it can drown out the content that the user is actually tweeting specifically to its audience.


Twitter feeds have limitations based on your account level. The fastest update speed you can get is every 10 minutes. And the most feeds you can have are 100 in our Feeder Business plan. The limits are based on restrictions from the Twitter API. Read more about the limitations on our pricing page.

Get started

Start following Twitter feeds today, create an account via this link. If you need any help, simply contact our support below.