Get into the holiday spirit

December 04, 2020 16:49

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. It's time to change to our Holiday theme to make your dashboard match your seasonal mood. You'll find it in your side menu under "Display" and "Change theme" (or under Appearance). Jingle bells!

Cyber Monday

November 30, 2020 13:15

Our lucky cat is feeling a bit sad today because it's our last day of discounts. You didn't think we forgot about Cyber Monday, did you? We STILL have a 50% discount off all yearly plans.

This is what we're offering;

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Black week starts NOW!

November 23, 2020 17:24

To be honest, this year hasn’t been any fun. We think we all need some cheering up. That's why we're feeling extra generous and offering 50% off all plans for new subscriptions this week. Did I say generous? I meant crazy! The entire week!

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New Feeder mobile apps: Beta #1

November 20, 2020 16:34

This week our beta testers received beta no. 1 of our new mobile apps. The new apps have some new features, but mainly a new navigation structure. We really think this changes the way we use them. 

What is new – the nitty gritty
Revamped navigation structure – Posts first
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Feeder highlights: Kotaku, Polygon & PC Gamer

November 13, 2020 15:05

Let’s talk about gaming. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of CyberPunk 2077. It really has grown into one of the most hyped games of 2020. If you’ve missed out: It’s like GTA, meets Duke Nuke’m, meets the future. It looks awesome and we can’t wait for the launch… But... Continue →

Wanted! Feeder mobile app beta testers

October 02, 2020 15:42

It’s official: We’re working on our new iOS and Android apps. This is a BIG project, and we’re working really hard towards the big launch. Our goal is to build the best RSS app out there. It will be beautiful, elegant and fast. 

New app features – sneak peek 

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Follow Twitter with Feeder - Release 1.0

September 21, 2020 15:40

Today we're excited to announce that our new Twitter feature has graduated out of beta.


Thanks to your feedback we've been able to make some good improvements. Here’s what we’ve done:

It’s now possible to add a Twitter URL directly in the feed search box.

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