Popular RSS feeds

Finding great feeds to follow can be quite difficult. There are many great publications and blogs on the internet today. That’s why we have collected the most popular RSS feeds out there in this list.

popular rss feeds

The list of popular RSS feeds

We have compiled a list of popular RSS feeds from our system. Click on the link to add it to your Feeder.

xkcd.com – The legendary comic about science, social commentary, and everything in between

CSS-Tricks – One of the authorities on all things web development related

Explosm.net – Raunchy and controversial webcomic. They also have video series on YouTube

BBC News – Home – One of the classic web news portals from the British public service broadcasters

BBC News – World – Limit yourself to the World news section of BBC

Scott Hanselman’s Blog – Blogs about programming and news related to C# and .NET

Slashdot – News for nerds. A website aggregating tech-related news. Come for the news stay for the comments

Engadget RSS Feed – Tech news publication, one of the best and well known. Great reviews of gadgets and industry news

CNN.com – Top Stories – The top stories from CNN

NYT > Home Page – NYTimes is one of the most awarded newspaper publications around

NYT > Business Day – Business News from The New York Times

Reuters: Top News – International news agency with breaking news – Their Top News feed

Reuters: World News – Reuters World News feed

Reuters: Technology News – Reuters Technology news feed

Reuters: Business News – Reuters Business news feed

Mashable – Tech and media news blog about startups, technology and media

Order of the Stick – Great satire webcomic of role-playing games and medieval fantasy

The Verge – Another contender for greatest tech news and gadget reviews. Run by the VOX Network

Polygon – Great game related news from the VOX Network

Vox – Contemperary news brought to you by the VOX network. Very insightful news

Ars Technica – Decades old tech news and commentary

WIRED – Latest news from the technologists favorite table-top magazine

Lifehacker – Learn how to hack life, learn how to be a better human

TechCrunch – Legendary startup and media news. Covering all the best new startups around

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – One of the most famous webcomics out there. There’s no good description, just follow it people!

Dumbing of Age – Webcomic set in a co-ed college dorm

Le Monde.fr – For a balanced news digest, follow one of France’s largest news publications

Seth Godin’s Blog – Blog about marketing and business from an absolute authority on the subject

MacRumors – News about the world’s most famous company – Apple and all their related products

TEDTalks – Grow your mind by listening to interesting TED talks

News : NPR – American Public Service news

The Oatmeal – Amazing webcomic run by legend Matthew Inman.

Gizmodo – Tech and gadget news, controversial and expose-it-all pieces

Cucumber Quest – Ongoing adventure webcomic. Follow bunny kids on adventures!

How-To Geek – Technology explained. Follow this tech magazine to stay ahead of the tech curve in family gatherings

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – Despite the name, features webcomic about video games and life

The Next Web – Opinion and fact about the digital world. Learn to navigate the bits and bytes better

High Scalability – For technologists primarily, follow the world of hosting websites without crashing all the time (and more advanced topics of course!)

Nature – Scientific journal, one of the worlds most cited scientific journals. So a must-follow for Nobel Prize Winners-to-be

Coding Horror – Famous Jeff Atwood’s blog, a renowned programmer, author and entrepreneur

Hacker News – News for people who call themselves hackers, but not in the destructive sense. Run by legendary tech accelerator YCombinator

Oglaf! — Comics. Often dirty. – Sexually explicit webcomic covering fantasy elements and nude centaurs

Awkward Zombie – Video game related webcomic. Hilarious!

Journal of the American Chemical Society – Latest ACS Publications. Science. Very science

Scandinavia and the World – Wonderfully thoughtful webcomic about the ins-n-outs of the Scandinavian people

Android Police – Authority on the latest Android news and reviews

Search Engine Land – Everything you need to know about search engines like Google and… Are there really any contenders? For SEO marketers and the like

Kotaku – Gaming news brought to you by the same network as Gizmodo and Lifehacker

Humble Mumble – Blog brought to you by the people behind the Humble Bundle, video game deals and video games with video games, more video games

Content Marketing Institute – Latest news on the world of Content Marketing. If you know what that is, you need to follow this feed!

Krebs on Security – Security blog by Brian Krebs, a famous journalist covering the world of digital security. Fascinating reads and findings

Schneier on Security – Essays on privacy and security in the digital form. A must-follow for digital revolutionists

HubSpot Marketing Blog – Blog brought to you by HubSpot, the sales software

Wait But Why – Stick-figure-illustrated blog covering everything and even smaller things.

Gunnerkrigg Court – Science-fantasy themed webcomic

Paranatural – Follow Max in this action/comedy webcomic

Naked Security – The leading edge in computer security news run by the anti-virus software Sophos

The Moz Blog – Authority in search engine optimization

Inside Intercom – Insightfully wonderful Intercom, a company known for it’s in-page chat product, helping business talk to their users

Serious Eats – Step up your cooking game, stop following your Nana’s old wive’s tales and start cooking the scientific way.

Smashing Magazine – The latest in web development and web technologies. For designers and developers

Entrepreneur: Latest Marketing Articles – Want to start a business? Follow Entrepreneur.com’s latest marketing articles

Signal v. Noise – Medium – Blog run by the makers of Basecamp, legendary project management software and leader in intuitive business practices

Reddit’s r/technology – Reddit’s Technology sub-reddit.

Reddit’s r/worldnews – The top scoring posts in the Worldnews sub-reddit

Reddit’s r/games – The top scoring posts in the Games sub-reddit

Reddit’s r/askculinary – A place to become a better cook and share your culinary knowledge

BuzzFeed – Tasty – The latest ingeniously simple and mouth-watering recipies from Buzzfeed’s Tasty

Martin Fowler – The latest musings by the programming guru Martin Fowler

Feeder.co – Blog of the best RSS feed reader in the world: Feeder