Feeder Servers Public IP addresses

To guarantee the best experience for our mutual clients it might sometimes be required to whitelist our crawlers on your infrastructure. To be able to do that we provide this up-to-date list of DNS entries that will resolve to the server’s IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6):

  • crawler1.spider.feeder.co
  • crawler2.spider.feeder.co
  • crawler3.spider.feeder.co
  • crawler4.spider.feeder.co
  • crawler5.spider.feeder.co
  • crawler6.spider.feeder.co
  • spider-worker1.spider.feeder.co
  • spider-worker2.spider.feeder.co


This list of DNS entries can be changed at any moments notice, due to changes in infrastructure or similar. We recommend bookmarking this page and staying updated regularly.