Use keyword filters to never miss anything

You can hide all the irrelevant content with our filters.

Let’s say you’re interested only in football.

Go to “Rules” and create a new rule.

What should happen? Pick “Filter posts” and choose which feeds should be filtered.

For this example, we’re going to select “All feeds”.

In the right column you can see a live preview of all the posts that are coming through the filter. Now these are all the posts from all the feeds.

I’m not interested in basketball, so I enter “basketball” as a keyword. You can add multiple keywords at once, so let’s add “NBA” to the mix.

Notice that you can check the posts matching your conditions in the preview column.

If you’re okay with the results, click “Save rule”.

Now your content will be filtered. But if you want to temporarily disable the filter, you can do so by clicking “Filters” and checking “Include filtered”.

It’s a really powerful tool, so I suggest you play with it.