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What is Feeder Business?

A powerful solution that keeps your team ahead of the curve in your industry. Whether it be industry news, updates in government databases or mentions of your brand in media. Follow information sources to stay on top of new developments. Get instant updates to e-mail, phone, tablets or desktop of new updates. Distribute the information to relevant people and create advanced workflows.

Feeder Business can be tailored to your companies specific needs. Customise what sources your team follows from millions across the web. Divide your team into user groups to tailor who gets what information. Add or remove permissions to keep all team members focused. Available everywhere.

What sources can you follow?

With Feeder you can follow almost anything, government databases, industry news, Google Alerts, RSS feeds, blogs, and a lot more. These types of information sources are called feeds. There are millions of compatible feeds available to follow on the web. We can help you get setup.

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Key features

Features that help your team stay ahead of the curve

Unique features for many different workflows

Shared feeds

Share feeds as you like in your team

Setup what feeds or folders should be shared among your team members. Everything is managed through one interface, either by a moderator or all users depending on rolls in the company.

A compliance team staying ajour on the latest regulations, or a customer service team managing incoming support tickets. Shared feeds and folders allow everyone in your team to follow the right sources.

Advanced workflows

Create automatic rules for incoming updates

Combine filters, post actions and collections to create advanced workflows for your specific needs. Sounds advanced? It is, but not hard. Do it all in our super easy-to-use interface.

Filter out specific keywords from a feed, collect the resulting posts in collections. Or get e-mail notifications when something important happens. With rules you can do everything automatically, or have moderators decide manually.


Divide your team in specific groups

Split your team in groups and assign certain feeds to specific groups. Each group can have their own feeds for their specific needs. A user can also be included in several groups.

Setup your marketing team to follow mentions of your brand, and everyone in your team to receive news about your field of work. The possibilities are endless for becoming a smarter team.

Set permissions for users

Set what permissions your team members should have. Read, write or remove access to admin features.

Grouped billing

Whether you are a small, medium or large team putting billing under one roof makes everything easier.

Priority support

We help you get setup and if a problem arises, we are there to fix it for you.

Fast updates

With Feeder's best-in-class speed and advanced notification system you can get updates when they happen, wherever you are.

Available everywhere

Feeder is available wherever you are. Mobile, desktop. iOS, Android. Windows and Mac. Available as extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

Secure SAML/SSO login

Create easy and safe accounts for your team using your existing LDAP provider.

Feeder Dashboard

Create your own information terminal

Enable up to 10 columns, or decks, and watch as new posts come in real-time. Customize the layout in the way that suits your needs to create a unique dashboard. Do it with our optional power-up Feeder Dashboard.

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Case study

The Norwegian News Agency (Norsk Telegrambyrå, NTB) transformed how they collect and distribute news items with Feeder.

How they use Feeder? Editors each have an instance of Feeder set up with feeds from their respective branch. When new items come in, distributing them to reporters to use as sources is quick and easy thanks to custom-built sharing functions.

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Try free for 14 days

During this time, if needed, we will help you get everything setup. From finding feeds to inviting team members. We can setup calls to get Feeder the way you want.

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