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Feeder update: Newsletters

Today we continue our crazy celebration of Feeder's 10th year anniversary by releasing a new feature: Newsletters!

Is your e-mail inbox cluttered with newsletters? Do you feel like e-mail perhaps is not the best platform for reading? We know that many of you do and we agree. That's why we've finally made it possible to receive newsletters into your Feeder account using our new Newsletter feature.

It's simple: 

  1. We create a magic e-mail address just for you that you can use when subscribing to newsletters.
  2. When your newsletters arrive you can read them in Feeder, right where you consume all your other content.

How to get started? Head over to your settings page. Click "Add feed", and choose the tab "Newsletters". There you can generate this special e-mail and subscribe.

We’re very excited to release this new feature because it’s been requested for some time. Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you have any questions.

And remember: our celebration started with a 25% discount on all Feeder yearly plans for new users. This week only. Stay tuned, the celebration continues tomorrow.