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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Cellebrite got into Trump shooter's Samsung device in just 40 minutes

about 5 hours ago

Also: Second-string Russian hackers sanctioned; Senators demand answers from Snowflake, and more...

CrowdStrike's Falcon Sensor also linked to Linux kernel panics and crashes

about 9 hours ago

Rapid restore tool being tested as Microsoft estimates 8.5 million machines went...

UK cops arrest teen suspect in MGM cyberattack probe

2 days ago

17-year-old cuffed as FBI says it will 'relentlessly pursue' miscreants around the...

CrowdStrike Windows patchpocalypse could take weeks to fix, IT admins fear

3 days ago

Our vultures gather to review this very freaky Friday Kettle  If you're...

CrowdStrike code update bricking Windows machines around the world

3 days ago

Falcon Sensor putting hosts into deathloop Breaking  An update to a product...

North Korea likely behind takedown of Indian crypto exchange WazirX

3 days ago

Firm halts trades after seeing $230 million disappear Indian crypto exchange WazirX...

Beijing's attack gang Volt Typhoon was a false flag inside job conspiracy: China

3 days ago

Run by the NSA, the FBI, and Five Eyes nations, who fooled...

Judge mostly drags SEC's lawsuit against SolarWinds into the recycling bin

3 days ago

Russia-invaded software biz 'grateful for the support we have received' A judge...

Kaspersky challenges US government to prove case over hacking claims

4 days ago

Proposes 'comprehensive assessment framework' to check and verify Kaspersky has hit back...

Russia’s FIN7 is peddling its EDR-nerfing malware to ransomware gangs

4 days ago

Major vendors' products scuppered by novel techniques Prolific Russian cybercrime syndicate FIN7...

Maximum-severity Cisco vulnerability allows attackers to change admin passwords

4 days ago

You’re going to want to patch this one Cisco just dropped a...

Firms skip security reviews of major app updates about half the time

4 days ago

Complicated, costly, time-consuming – pick three Cyber security workers only review major...