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Last updated over 4 years ago

Defcon 24: Blinded By The Light

over 4 years ago

I won’t be at Defcon this year in body, but I’ll be...

Hardware Hacking Workshop is Now Live!

almost 5 years ago

Registration for our three day Hardware Hacking Workshop is now live! Our...

Binwalk v2.1.1 Stable Release

almost 5 years ago

Binwalk v2.1.1 has been released! If you’re still running v2.0.1, upgrading is...

What the Ridiculous Fuck, D-Link?!

over 5 years ago

As mentioned in an update to my post on the HNAP bug...

Hacking the D-Link DIR-890L

over 5 years ago

The past 6 months have been incredibly busy, and I haven’t been...

Reversing Belkin’s WPS Pin Algorithm

over 5 years ago

After finding D-Link’s WPS algorithm, I was curious to see which vendors...

Reversing D-Link’s WPS Pin Algorithm

about 6 years ago

While perusing the latest firmware for D-Link’s DIR-810L 80211ac router, I found...

A Code Signature Plugin for IDA

about 6 years ago

When reversing embedded code, it is often the case that completely different...

Mucking About With SquashFS

over 6 years ago

SquashFS is an incredibly popular file system for embedded Linux devices. Unfortunately...

Binwalk v2.0 Released!

over 6 years ago

Binwalk v2.0.0 has (finally) been released. Grab it from the github page!Binwalk...

Hacking the DSP-W215, Again, Again, Again

over 6 years ago

So far, the vulnerabilities found in the DSP-W215 have only been practically...

Hacking the DSP-W215, Again, Again

over 6 years ago

Here we go again…again. In the last DSP-W215 exploit, I mentioned that...