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Last updated about 3 hours ago

Trump Administration Shields Racist Border Patrol Facebook Members

about 3 hours ago

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency...

‘Foi no Brasil que me senti negro pela primeira vez’: como aprendi a manipular minha identidade

about 7 hours ago

Serge Katembera é doutorando em Sociologia pela UFPB e pesquisa ativismo digital...

Federal Prosecutors Engaged in Unprecedented Push to Jail Protesters Before Trial

about 10 hours ago

Shamar Betts never thought of himself as a radical. Last year, when...

The Rise of the Radical Moms

about 11 hours ago

  Women across the U.S. found themselves suddenly drawn to politics after the...

Ratinho Junior mente para forçar militarização de 215 escolas no Paraná

about 23 hours ago

Ratinho Junior e Renato Feder, general e tenente da militarização das escolas...

Overturning the Affordable Care Act Could Result in 68,000 Deaths

about 24 hours ago

As many as 68,000 people may die in a single year if...

On the Ballot in Missouri: A GOP Effort to Undo Redistricting Reform

about 24 hours ago

In 2018, voters in Missouri overwhelmingly approved a plan to implement new...

How Sri Preston Kulkarni’s Run for Congress Got Tangled Up in Indian Politics

1 day ago

For many Democratic voters in a Houston-area congressional district, the choice between...

The Black Voters Who Could Swing Pennsylvania

1 day ago

The Intercept’s Akela Lacy reports from Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold where Black...

Trump, the War President, Leaves a Trail of Civilians Dead in Yemen

1 day ago

In late January 2017, just weeks after Donald Trump was sworn in...

Chile abre caminho para abandonar Constituição da época da ditadura

2 days ago

Um ano depois dos protestos que chegaram a levar mais de um...

Rep. Don Bacon Used Taxpayer Expense Account to Pay Campaign Consultant

2 days ago

Congressman Don Bacon, R-Neb., used his congressional expense account to pay his...