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Last updated 14 minutes ago

How I Got a Truly Anonymous Signal Account

15 minutes ago

The messaging app Signal is described by security professionals as utilizing the...

How Clarence Thomas Cleared Trump’s Path in Classified Docs Case

about 16 hours ago

A federal district court dismissed the indictment against Donald Trump for taking...

The Only Kind of “Political Violence” All U.S. Politicians Oppose

2 days ago

Law enforcement officials at the scene of an attack that injured Donald...

Will This Make Trump More Popular?

2 days ago

While speaking at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Donald Trump...

Columbia Law Professor Smeared by Israel Supporters Could Lose Her Job

4 days ago

While the Columbia University campus has mostly emptied out for summer vacation...

Russia Attacks Hospitals in Ukraine. Israel Does the Same in Gaza. The U.S. Response Couldn’t Be More Different.

5 days ago

During a United Nations Security Council meeting this week, U.S. Ambassador Linda...

Supporting Palestine Helped the Left Win in France and Britain. Will Democrats Learn From It?

5 days ago

A “Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity” sign seen at Place de Stalingrad, Paris,...

“Gay Furry Hackers” Feud With Heritage Foundation Exec

5 days ago

SiegedSec, a collective of self-proclaimed “gay furry hackers” that targeted the conservative...

Even Centrists Are Questioning Biden. But the Squad Is Divided.

6 days ago

Progressives in Congress have been some of the most vocal critics of...

There’s a Junk Science Crisis in Criminal Convictions. Sonia Sotomayor Calls It Out in Alabama Bite-Mark Case.

6 days ago

Is there a constitutional right not to be convicted based on junk...

Why Biden's Still In: Insights From Democratic Insider Dmitri Mehlhorn

6 days ago

Dmitri Mehlhorn is among the most powerful Democratic funders and operatives working...

GOP Platform Doesn’t Mention the Word “Climate” Once — Even After Hottest Year on Record

7 days ago

2023 was the hottest global year on record; data so far suggests...