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Food for the Thoughtless

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Last updated 3 months ago

A Quiet Place

3 months ago

The house next door, once vacant and more or less abandoned for...

In My Solitude

6 months ago

A pair of mourning doves were fucking outside my kitchen window the...

The Assholes of the Sea

8 months ago

I quietly left the table, pleased by the thought that, because of...

Not Over, Easy.

10 months ago

It is as comforting as it is economical, which leads me to...

Lamb Dressed as Mutton.

over 1 year ago

No matter how hard you might try, you can never really get...

Simply Astonishing: Nun’s Farts

over 1 year ago

It was an adjective that would hang about Christina well beyond her...

Let’s Just Forget That Ever Happened.

over 1 year ago

Let's just forget these past few months ever happened, shall we? Continue...

Crème de Pot

about 2 years ago

In 2018, I am now far too old to be mixing drugs...

In My Own Little Corner.

about 2 years ago

I'm not going to worry about whether I'm the office type or...

Hallo, Fremder.

over 2 years ago

No one needs to live in a near-constant state of darkness unless...

Iceberg with Russian Dressing

over 2 years ago

To serve, place each iceberg wedge in a deep bowl and ladle...

Down Argentine Way

over 2 years ago

It was then that I realized something very important: diapers don't have...