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Last updated about 19 hours ago

Hand me the flashlight. I’ll be right back...

about 19 hours ago

It’s time for the second installment of campfire tales from our friends...

EFF to Ninth Circuit: Abandoning a Phone Should Not Mean Abandoning Its Contents

1 day ago

This post was written by EFF legal intern Danya Hajjaji Law enforcement...

Encode Justice NC - the Movement for a Safe, Equitable AI

1 day ago

The Electronic Frontier Alliance is proud to have such a diverse membership...

The Next Generation of Cell-Site Simulators is Here. Here’s What We Know.

1 day ago

Dozens of policing agencies are currently using cell-site simulators (CSS) by Jacobs...

Shhh. Did you hear that?

3 days ago

It’s Day One of EFF’s summer membership drive for internet freedom! Gather...

EFF Covers Secrets in Your Data on NOVΛ

6 days ago

It’s the weekend. You decide you want to do something fun with...

The UN Cybercrime Draft Convention Remains Too Flawed to Adopt

6 days ago

The proposed UN Cybercrime Convention, scheduled for a critical concluding session from...

Surveillance Defense for Campus Protests

6 days ago

The recent wave of protests calling for peace in Palestine have been...

EU Council Presidency’s Last-Ditch Effort For Mass Scanning Must Be Rejected

7 days ago

As the current leadership of the EU Council enters its final weeks...

Security, Surveillance, and Government Overreach – the United States Set the Path but Canada Shouldn’t Follow It

7 days ago

The Canadian House of Commons is currently considering Bill C-26, which would...

Win for Free Speech! Australia Drops Global Takedown Order Case

8 days ago

As we put it in a blog post last month, no single...

Car Makers Shouldn’t Be Selling Our Driving History to Data Brokers and Insurance Companies

9 days ago

You accelerated multiple times on your way to Yosemite for the weekend...