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Last updated about 14 hours ago

IPANDETEC’s Report on Panama’s ISPs Show Improvements But More Work Needed to Protect Users’ Privacy

about 4 hours ago

IPANDETEC, the leading digital rights organization in Panama, today released its second...

Congress Fails to Ask Tech CEOs the Hard Questions

about 21 hours ago

The Big Internet Companies Are Too Powerful, But Undermining Section 230 Won’t...

Tell Us How You Want to Modify and Repair the Devices in Your Life

1 day ago

Have you tried modifying, repairing, or diagnosing a product but bumped into...

It’s Time to Kick Patent Trolls Out of the International Trade Commission

1 day ago

The International Trade Commission, or ITC, is a federal agency in Washington...

Antitrust Suit Against Google is a Watershed Moment

1 day ago

The antitrust lawsuit against Google filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ)...

Make a Pledge for EFF Through CFC Today!

1 day ago

The pledge period for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway and...

EFF Files Amicus Brief Arguing That Law Enforcement Access to Wi-Fi Derived Location Data Violates the Fourth Amendment

2 days ago

With increasing frequency, law enforcement is using unconstitutional digital dragnet searches to...

The Last Smash and Grab at the Federal Communications Commission

3 days ago

AT&T and Verizon secured arguably one of the biggest regulatory benefits from...

Facebook’s Election-Week War on Accountability is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

3 days ago

A legacy of the 2016 U.S. election is the controversy about the...

Defending Fair Use in the Omegaverse

4 days ago

Copyright law is supposed to promote creativity, not stamp out criticism. Too...

Content Moderation and the U.S. Election: What to Ask, What to Demand

4 days ago

With the upcoming U.S. elections, major U.S.-based platforms have stepped up their...

Why Getting Paid for Your Data Is a Bad Deal

4 days ago

One bad privacy idea that won’t die is the so-called “data dividend,”...