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Last updated about 8 hours ago

Wednesday assorted links

about 8 hours ago

1. Vitalik Buterin fellowships in existential safety 2. I wanted to send...

My Conversation with Amia Srinivasan

about 11 hours ago

I am pleased to have had the chance to do this, as...

One Billion Vaccinations in a Month!

about 15 hours ago

The news on world vaccinations is good. As of late September of...

The NYTimes on the FDA and Rapid Tests

about 16 hours ago

In July of 2020 I wrote in Frequent, Fast, and Cheap is...

How economists use gdp to think

about 22 hours ago

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is one...

Claims about columns

1 day ago

Like I said, I never wanted to be a columnist, but no...

Tuesday assorted links

1 day ago

1. Comprehensive look at why the labor share of income is declining...

The Kids Are Also Polarized

1 day ago

Adolescents used to identify with a party but polarization was muted by...

Intergenerational mobility with race and measurement error

2 days ago

A large body of evidence finds that relative mobility in the US...

More on Ireland during World War II

2 days ago

A few more points 1. Since both Germany and Britain maintained embassies...

From the comments, on boosters and Covid policy

2 days ago

My first reaction upon hearing that boosters were rejected was to ask...

Monday assorted links

2 days ago

1. Deportees 2. How truthful is GPT-3? 3. “James, what inspired you...