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Last updated 21 minutes ago

New books needed on the NIH and NSF

25 minutes ago

A reader writes — “Despite being the preeminent model for global science...

Those old and new service sector jobs

about 12 hours ago

In case you thought Cambridge ceremonies were just for the tourists: the...

Friday assorted links

about 13 hours ago

1. MIE those old service sector jobs: the village sin eater 2....

Christina Romer!

about 18 hours ago

Christina Romer is excellent in this video on her work and influence...

Rational Criminals, Irrational Lawmakers

about 18 hours ago

Columnist Phil Matier writes in the SFChroncile about rampant, brazen shoplifting in...

Novid — a pre-exposure notification system for Covid (and other things)

about 24 hours ago

I find the (short) video easiest to follow Best of all, it...

Threadhelper, a new method for improving Twitter

1 day ago

Vasco Queirós, from the 7th cohort of Emergent Venture grant winners, has...

Solve for the Seattle equilibrium

1 day ago

The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that would create a...

Thursday assorted links

1 day ago

1. Indian caste bias in Silicon Valley 2. Strong new results on...

Are Dead People Voting By Mail?

2 days ago

The subtitle of this new paper is “Evidence From Washington State Administrative...

What I’ve been reading

2 days ago

1. Bruno Latour, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climactic Regime...

Wednesday assorted links

2 days ago

1. GMU tenure-track assistant professor ad 2. “We find that the fiscal,...