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Last updated 10 days ago

I/O 2024: What’s new in Android security and privacy

10 days ago

Posted by Dave Kleidermacher, VP Engineering, Android Security and Privacy Our commitment...

Google and Apple deliver support for unwanted tracking alerts in Android and iOS

12 days ago

Google and Apple have worked together to create an industry specification –...

Your Google Account allows you to create passkeys on your phone, computer and security keys

23 days ago

Sriram Karra and Christiaan Brand, Google product managersLast year, Google launched passkey...

Detecting browser data theft using Windows Event Logs

25 days ago

Posted by Will Harris, Chrome Security Team Chromium's sandboxed process model defends...

How we fought bad apps and bad actors in 2023

26 days ago

Posted by Steve Kafka and Khawaja Shams (Android Security and Privacy Team)...

Accelerating incident response using generative AI

29 days ago

Lambert Rosique and Jan Keller, Security Workflow Automation, and Diana Kramer, Alexandra...

Uncovering potential threats to your web application by leveraging security reports

about 1 month ago

Posted by Yoshi Yamaguchi, Santiago Díaz, Maud Nalpas, Eiji Kitamura, DevRel team...

Prevent Generative AI Data Leaks with Chrome Enterprise DLP

about 1 month ago

Posted Kaleigh Rosenblat, Chrome Enterprise Senior Staff Software Engineer, Security Lead Generative...

How we built the new Find My Device network with user security and privacy in mind

about 2 months ago

Posted by Dave Kleidermacher, VP Engineering, Android Security and Privacy Keeping people...

Google Public DNS’s approach to fight against cache poisoning attacks

about 2 months ago

Tianhao Chi and Puneet Sood, Google Public DNSThe Domain Name System (DNS)...

Address Sanitizer for Bare-metal Firmware

about 2 months ago

Posted by Eugene Rodionov and Ivan Lozano, Android Team With steady improvements...

Real-time, privacy-preserving URL protection

2 months ago

Posted by Jasika Bawa, Xinghui Lu, Google Chrome Security & Jonathan Li...