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Last updated over 1 year ago

New uses for old drugs: the benefits of reformulation

over 1 year ago

Pharmanovia’s CEO tells Pharma IQ explains how redeveloping existing drugs can benefit...

Improving the success rate of clinical trials

almost 2 years ago

Pharma IQ takes a look at the benefits and challenges of decentralized...

Ukraine's clinical trials still recruiting despite ongoing war

almost 2 years ago

Clinical research in Ukraine is showing signs of recovery more than seven...

Tackling infectious disease with innovative R&D approaches

almost 2 years ago

This guest blog explores the lessons learned from Covid-19 to develop new...

The benefits of remote monitoring for sample storage and lab processes

almost 2 years ago

How integrated device monitoring can support your lab processes and prevent sample...

Highlights from Pharma IQ Live: Transforming drug discovery with AI

almost 2 years ago

Key takeaways from Pharma IQ Live: Transforming drug discovery with AI

How to use connected innovation intelligence for drug discovery and development

about 2 years ago

This white paper explores how AI-powered connected innovation intelligence can be effective...

Three ways AI is speeding up drug discovery

about 2 years ago

Pharma IQ look’s at how Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen and Sanofi are...

CRISPR therapy could offer one-time cure for sickle cell disease

about 2 years ago

CRISPR therapy shows promise as a cure for severe sickle cell disease

How to use automation to accelerate drug discovery and delivery

about 2 years ago

Find out how leading biopharma companies are using lab automation for drug...

Reducing the drug discovery life cycle with AI

about 2 years ago

We find out how Recursion Pharmaceuticals is reducing the drug discovery life...

How AI is making drug discovery safer and faster

about 2 years ago

We find out how Sanofi is using AI to predict the toxicity...