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Last updated 15 days ago

Lastmile CLI: Simulate all the things

15 days ago

By Remco van Bree and Alex HartwellAt Lyft Bikes and Scooters we...

Lessons Learned One Remote Year into the Lyft APM Program

about 1 month ago

The Associate Product Manager (APM) program at Lyft is an 18-month rotational...

What to Expect When Interviewing as a Data Scientist Intern at Lyft

about 1 month ago

As Data Scientists at Lyft, we are constantly looking for new opportunities...

Building an Enterprise IntelliJ Plugin for Android Developers

about 2 months ago

The Android engineering team at Lyft exclusively uses IntelliJ to develop new...

Using Client-Side Map Data to Improve Real-Time Positioning

2 months ago

By Karina Goot, Tony Zhang, Burak Bostancioglu, Bobby Sudekum, Erik KampIntroductionGPS signals...

A/B Tests for Lyft Hardware

3 months ago

By Garrett Drayna, CJ Chen, and Mark SchulteA/B tests, controlled experiments to...

Introducing Lyft Engineering: Kyiv!

4 months ago

Introducing Lyft Engineering: Kyiv!Lyft was founded in 2012 by Logan Green and...

Chaos Experimentation, an open-source framework built on top of Envoy Proxy

4 months ago

Services are bound to degrade. It’s a matter of if, not when...

LyftLearn: ML Model Training Infrastructure built on Kubernetes

4 months ago

Authors: Vinay Kakade, Shiraz ZamanIntroductionIn a previous blog post, we discussed the...

Getting to know Engineers in Data at Lyft

4 months ago

Meet Allison and Temo, two Software Engineers on the Data Platform team...

Speeding Ahead with a Systematic Approach to Web Performance

5 months ago

Photo by toine G on UnsplashFrom replaying shared rides on a map...

A Day in the Life of a Lyft Data Scientist

5 months ago

From the left: Faten, Garrett, Andy, YibeiHow Lyft Data Scientists Have Worked...