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Last updated about 1 month ago

Pulse, Stats APIs from Envoy Mobile

about 1 month ago

Introducing Pulse: Envoy Mobile’s stats libraryEarly this year, we published a deep...

Creating a culture for Learning & Development at Lyft (for Data and Science)

about 1 month ago

By Alexis Weill and Martin YamaneThe What and Why of L&DLearning and...

Changing Lanes: How Lyft is Migrating 100+ Frontend Microservices to Next.js

about 2 months ago

Photo by Joey Kyber on UnsplashBy Josh Callender and Andrew HaoIntroductionIn 2019...

Building a Gateway to Flyte

2 months ago

By: Katrina Rogan & Ketan UmareAt the beginning of the year we...

Envoy Mobile Joins the CNCF

2 months ago

Just over a year ago, we announced Envoy Mobile’s initial OSS preview...

Dynamic Pricing to Sustain Marketplace Balance

2 months ago

By Davide Crapis and Chris SholleyDynamic pricing is the main technology that...

IAM whatever you say IAM

2 months ago

This post was co-authored with Andrew Johnson @SecPrez.Last year in March (this...

Decomposing network calls on the Lyft mobile apps

3 months ago

When Lyft was first developed, it was built using a monolithic server...

How Lyft predicts your destination with attention

3 months ago

How Lyft predicts a rider’s destination for better in-app experienceBy Hyungjun Lee...

Applying gevent learnings to deliver value to users (Part 4 of 4)

3 months ago

BackgroundEarlier this year, Lyft launched a feature to allow users to compare...

Gevent Part 3: Performance

3 months ago

Gevent Performance (Part 3 of 4)OverviewGevent’s sweet spot for performance is network-bound...

Gevent Part 2: Correctness

3 months ago

Gevent Correctness (Part 2 of 4)As we talked about in part 1...