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Last updated 4 days ago

Host control of the microbiome: Mechanisms, evolution, and disease | Science

3 days ago

Many species, including humans, host communities of symbiotic microbes. There is a...

This CEO aims to revolutionize cancer-killing isotope production—and fusion power

4 days ago

Nuclear engineer Greg Piefer hopes better neutron sources will help his company...

The human mitochondrial mRNA structurome reveals mechanisms of gene expression | Science

3 days ago

The human mitochondrial genome encodes crucial oxidative phosphorylation system proteins, pivotal for...

Live chromosome identifying and tracking reveals size-based spatial pathway of meiotic errors in oocytes | Science

3 days ago

Meiotic errors of relatively small chromosomes in oocytes result in egg aneuploidies...

Diversity and scale: Genetic architecture of 2068 traits in the VA Million Veteran Program | Science

3 days ago

One of the justifiable criticisms of human genetic studies is the underrepresentation...

Multiscale photocatalytic proximity labeling reveals cell surface neighbors on and between cells | Science

3 days ago

Proximity labeling proteomics (PLP) strategies are powerful approaches to yield snapshots of...

In Other Journals | Science

4 days ago

Editors’ selections from the current scientific literature

Obesity in Bangladesh: Study food near schools | Science

4 days ago

Childhood malnutrition is a well-known problem in low- and middle-income countries, but...

Binding and sensing diverse small molecules using shape-complementary pseudocycles | Science

4 days ago

We describe an approach for designing high-affinity small molecule–binding proteins poised for...

In Science Journals | Science

4 days ago

Highlights from the Science family of journals

We need better and more PopSci by scientists | Science

4 days ago

Any scientist knows that to be a good scientist, they must conduct...