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Last updated about 3 hours ago

53% of software companies will move to subscription models by 2023

about 3 hours ago

A one-size-fits-all approach to either monetization or deployment strategy isn’t sufficient to...

Rec Room unveils multiplayer cross-platform game Rec Rally

about 9 hours ago

Rec Room unveiled a new cross-platform multiplayer game called Rec Rally, where...

Riot Games and Netflix unveil Arcane animated TV series launching on November 6

about 9 hours ago

Riot Games and Netflix unveiled a trailer for the Arcane animated TV...

Executives and teams disagree on who is responsible for software security

about 9 hours ago

Security teams, strapped for budget and resources, rarely have visibility or control...

We are sleepwalking into AI-augmented work

about 11 hours ago

The narrative that AI won't take our jobs but will instead magically...

A national U.S. data privacy law would solve a trillion-dollar problem

about 13 hours ago

The infrastructure package recently passed by the Senate is critical to the...

64% of CISOs hired from outside, highlighting retention issues

1 day ago

As the world emerges into a post-pandemic reality, the importance of a...

Nintendo Direct, Christ Pratt, and goodbye, Jason! | GB Decides 215

1 day ago

On GB Decides 215, the crew says goodbye to their managing editor...

Abductive inference is a major blind spot for AI

1 day ago

While an AI winter might dampen interest in deep learning and data-driven...

The RetroBeat: Genesis on Nintendo Switch Online isn’t that exciting

1 day ago

Look, I get it. Genesis is always the safest bet. But give...

25% of patients prefer communicating with their provider digitally

1 day ago

Nearly eight in ten providers plan to make their pandemic-driven telehealth policies...

AI Weekly: Researchers attempt an open source alternative to GitHub’s Copilot

1 day ago

A group of researchers is attempting to create an open source alternative...