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Last updated about 3 hours ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Trailer Included in Little Hope

about 3 hours ago

Some people say a character in it looks like Ashley Tisdale. They're...

Mark Meer and Other Voice Actors to Participate in Mass Effect N7 Day Event

about 4 hours ago

Nothing can stop N7 day, just as surely as nothing can stop...

Funimation Xbox Series X App Will Be Available at Launch

about 6 hours ago

The Xbox Series X Funimation App will allow you to continue your...

Death end re;Quest 2 Is a Perfect Halloween Surprise If You Go in Blind

about 7 hours ago

Death end re;Quest 2 stands out as a fine time to spend...

Demon Slayer Festival Announced, Set for February 13-14, 2021

about 8 hours ago

A Demon Slayer Festival fan event is taking place in Japan on...

Here’s the Atelier Ryza Lila Figure Prototype

about 9 hours ago

We know what the Atelier Ryza Lila figure will look like now...

Pokemon Company and Original Stitch Team Up For Custom Pokemon Masks

about 10 hours ago

The Pokemon Company and custom dress shirt retailer Original Stitch's collaboration brand...

Review: Onee Chanbara Origin Has Style and Substance

about 11 hours ago

I was positive I was going to hate OneeChanbara Origin. It only...

NieR Replicant White Snow Edition Video Gives a Closer Look at What’s Included

1 day ago

The NieR Replicant White Snow Edition comes with a Grimoire pin set...

Some Assassin’s Creed PS4 Games Won’t Work on the PS5

1 day ago

While Sony didn't list them on the PS4 only support site, Ubisoft...

The Sounds of Iwaihime Stick With You

1 day ago

Iwaihime has some truly horrifying visuals accentuated by gruesomely epic sound effect...

Mike Zaimont, Formerly of Lab Zero, Suspended from Guilty Gear Update

1 day ago

Mike Zaimont has been suspended from Arc System Work's Guilty Gear update...