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Advanced Materials

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Last updated about 12 hours ago

Sodium‐Antimony‐Telluride Intermetallic Allows Sodium Metal Cycling at 100% Depth of Discharge and as Anode‐Free Metal Battery

about 16 hours ago

Abstract We employed repeated cold rolling and folding to fabricate a metallurgical...

Simultaneous Realization of Superoleophobicity and Strong Substrate Adhesion in Water via a Unique Segment Orientation Mechanism

about 16 hours ago

Abstract The underwater superoleophobicity of a coating is often caused by its...

Wafer‐Scale Electroactive Nanoporous Silicon: Large and Fully Reversible Electrochemo‐Mechanical Actuation in Aqueous Electrolytes

about 20 hours ago

For large-scale nanoporous silicon cantilevers in aqueous electrolytes, with laser cantilever bending...

Interfacial Electrostatic‐Interaction‐Enhanced Photomultiplication for Ultrahigh External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Photodiodes

about 20 hours ago

A strategy to boost the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of photomultiplication-type organic...

Graphene‐Supported Atomically Dispersed Metals as Bifunctional Catalysts for Next‐Generation Batteries Based on Conversion Reactions

about 20 hours ago

This review analyzes the key factors that hinder the reversible conversion of...

An Axially Continuous Graphene–Copper Wire for High‐Power Transmission: Thermoelectrical Characterization and Mechanisms

about 20 hours ago

Axially continuous graphene layers on microscale-diameter copper wires offer significantly enhanced thermoelectrical...

Color‐Tunable Supramolecular Luminescent Materials

about 24 hours ago

Supramolecular chemistry has provided a platform for the rational design of smart...

Hybrid Electrolyte with Dual‐Anion‐Aggregated Solvation Sheath for Stabilizing High‐Voltage Lithium‐Metal Batteries

1 day ago

A moderate-concentration electrolyte with a dual-anion-aggregated Li+ solvation sheath at inner is...

Charge‐Carrier Transport in Quasi‐2D Ruddlesden‐Popper Perovskites Solar Cells

1 day ago

Abstract In recent years, two-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper (2DRP) perovskite materials have been explored...

Polarimetric Image Sensor and Fermi Level Shifting Induced Multi‐Channel Transition Based on Two‐dimensional PdPS

1 day ago

Abstract Two-dimensional (2D) materials have been attracted highly interest in recent years...

Macrocycle‐based porous organic polymers for separation, sensing, and catalysis

1 day ago

Abstract With the rapid development of materials science, porous organic polymers (POPs)...

Light intensity analysis of photovoltaic parameters for perovskite solar cells

1 day ago

Abstract The number of publications on perovskite solar cells (PSC) continues to...