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Last updated over 2 years ago

Cohabitation Agreements In Florida

over 2 years ago

People are getting married less and less often in Florida. That doesn’t...

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In Florida?

over 2 years ago

What are the grounds for Divorce in Florida? Before 1971 there were...

Reverse Mortgages and Divorce in Naples, Florida

over 2 years ago

Reverse mortgages are a unique, government sponsored, FHA insured financial product that...

What Is Required In A Petition For Modification Of Custody/Parenting Time In Naples, Florida?

over 2 years ago

In Naples, Florida, to modify an existing order that lays out the...

Parenting Alone in Naples, Florida # 9 Whiz Kids Play Zone and Party Place

over 2 years ago

This is number 9 in my series of articles listing places to...

Common Law Marriage in Florida

over 2 years ago

Florida used to be a big, rural and empty state.  Folks would...

My Spouse Is Pretending He/She Doesn’t Make Any Money To Avoid Paying Alimony. What can I do in the Naples, Florida courts to stop this?

over 2 years ago

Divorce is hard.  In fact, it’s devastating.  While some people distract themselves...

The Florida Divorce Court Process From Start To Finish

over 2 years ago

While most of my previous articles describe how Florida law is applied...

If I Was Married In Another State Can I Still Get Divorced In Naples, Florida?

over 2 years ago

People often think where you got married matters in a divorce. As...

What Documents Do You Need to Give your Florida Divorce Lawyer to Prepare a Prenuptial Agreement in Florida?

over 2 years ago

You’ve just gotten engaged or you are thinking seriously about marriage and...

Traveling With Children After a Naples, Florida Divorce

over 2 years ago

In Florida, by the end of a divorce the court is required...