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Last updated about 1 hour ago

Boiled broccoli

about 4 hours ago

I accidentally boiled the broccoli until there was no water left. Not...

Blending a yellow onion for brine?

about 4 hours ago

I seem to vaguely remember a recipe telling me to do this…...

Weekly Ask Anything Thread for July 22, 2024

about 4 hours ago

This is our weekly thread to ask all the stuff that doesn't...

Chinese salted duck eggs for mooncakes: do I cook them?

about 4 hours ago

I am in the process of brining duck eggs to make mooncakes...

Pasteurizing eggs for mayo

about 5 hours ago

How might I pasteurize eggs to make mayo? I placed vacuum sealed...

How long can ground beef be left in fridge

about 6 hours ago

Good evening everyone, I have quick question about leaving ground beef in...

Hi I’m really freaked out.

about 6 hours ago

I just ate chicken and hummus that I fully cooked but after...

Boiled chicken and then fried (Slow heat) or raw fried chicken (slow heat)

about 7 hours ago

I'm sorry if somebody has already asked the question but it came...

Best pot for curries

about 7 hours ago

Hi, I like to make Indian curries like chicken, fish, shrimp, beef...

How can I stop my rice from clumping up like this?

about 7 hours ago

Trying to make fried rice and even after cooking it’s still clumpy...

hard sesame balls

about 8 hours ago

i bought some two days ago and stupidly refrigerated them…. and now...

Frozen Yuzu peel going brown in freezer - HELP!

about 8 hours ago

Hey team, I recently bought a box of yuzu while they were...