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Last updated 14 days ago

Why Are Scorpions Fluorescent?

14 days ago

Under UV light, almost all species of scorpions glow a bright green...

How Distant Galaxies Mess With Our Lives

17 days ago

Tiny particles from distant galaxies have caused plane accidents, election interference and...

We Need To Talk About Clickbait

about 1 month ago

The title and thumbnail play a huge role in a video's success...

The Surprising Genius Of 3D Printed Rockets

about 1 month ago

3D printed rockets save on up front tooling, enable rapid iteration, decrease...

The Simplest Math Problem No One Can Solve

about 2 months ago

The Collatz Conjecture is the simplest math problem no one can solve...

Driverless Cars Are Already Here

about 2 months ago

How close are we to having fully autonomous vehicles on the roads...

The crazy way a slinky falls in slow motion #shorts

about 2 months ago

This is not just true of slinkies - if you release a...

The Biggest Myth In Education

2 months ago

You are not a visual learner — learning styles are a stubborn...

A Physics Prof Bet Me $10,000 I'm Wrong

3 months ago

A UCLA Physics Professor bet me $10,000 that my video about going...

The Longest-Running Evolution Experiment

3 months ago

If you ran evolution all over again, would you get humans? How...

Risking My Life To Settle A Physics Debate

4 months ago

Everyone will say this craft breaks the laws of physics. This video...

You Can't Prove Everything That's True

4 months ago

Not everything that is true can be proven. This discovery transformed infinity...