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Last updated about 22 hours ago

How To Exceed Infinity

about 22 hours ago

If there's a hotel with infinite rooms, could it ever be completely...

This Plant-Inspired Robot Could Save Your Life

25 days ago

This robot has applications to archaeology, space exploration, and search and rescue...

The Secret of Synchronization

about 1 month ago

How does order spontaneously arise out of chaos? This video is sponsored...

This is why we can't have nice things

about 2 months ago

This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they...

The Ridiculous Way We Used To Calculate Pi

about 2 months ago

For thousands of years, mathematicians were calculating Pi the obvious but numerically...

Why Robots That Bend Are Better

3 months ago

Robots of the future may be softer, squishier and bendier than robots...

I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?

3 months ago

I got the chance to interview Bill Gates so I asked him...

Why are there huge colorful pools in the Utah desert?

3 months ago

What are these electric blue ponds in the middle of the Utah...

10 Years on YouTube Q&A + Giveaway

4 months ago

Thank you so much for an amazing 10 years! If you would...

The Illusion You Need To See

4 months ago

Ames window illusion illustrates how we don't directly perceive external reality. Special...

Asteroids: Earth's Biggest Threat

5 months ago

Steven Hawking thought an asteroid impact posed the greatest threat to life...

Why no one has measured the speed of light

6 months ago

Physics students learn the speed of light, c, is the same for...