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Error'd: ;pam ;pam ;pam ;pam

2 days ago

One of this week's entries is the type that drives me buggy...

CodeSOD: A Dash of SQL

3 days ago

As developers, we often have to engage with management who doesn't have...

Some Version of a Process

4 days ago

When you're a large company, like Oracle, you can force your customers...

CodeSOD: Globalism

5 days ago

When Daniel was young, he took one of those adventure trips that...

CodeSOD: Expiration Dates

6 days ago

Last week, we saw some possibly ancient Pascal code. Leilani sends us...

Error'd: In Other Words

9 days ago

We generally don't like to make fun of innocent misuses of a...

CodeSOD: Subbing for the Subcontractors

10 days ago

Back in the mid-2000s, Maurice got less than tempting offer. A large...

CodeSOD: The Programmer's Motto and Other Comments

11 days ago

We've got a lovely backlog of short snippets of code, and it's...

CodeSOD: Wise About Bits

12 days ago

The HP3000 was the first mini-computer that supported time-sharing. It launched in...

CodeSOD: A Coded Escape

13 days ago

When evaluating a new development tool or framework, the first thing the...

Error'd: Swordfish

16 days ago

Despite literally predating paper, passcodes and secret handshakes continue to perplex programmers...

CodeSOD: Going Through Some Changes

17 days ago

Dave inherited a data management tool. It was an antique WinForms application...