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Last updated about 6 hours ago

Impossible Foods nabs some Canadian fast food franchises as it expands in North America

about 6 hours ago

After rolling out in some of Canada’s most high-falutin burger bistros, Impossible...

Daily Crunch: This TikTok deal is pretty confusing

about 6 hours ago

Companies send out conflicting messages about the TikTok deal, Microsoft acquires a...

Following TechCrunch reporting, Palantir rapidly removes language allowing founders to “unilaterally adjust their total voting power”

about 8 hours ago

Well, that was fast This morning, I analyzed Palantir’s newly published 5th...

Edtech investors are panning for gold

about 9 hours ago

The spotlight on edtech grows brighter and harsher: On one end, remote-learning...

Twitter and Zoom’s algorithmic bias issues

about 9 hours ago

Both Zoom and Twitter found themselves under fire this weekend for their...

Hailing a self-driving taxi when blind. Learn how Waymo answers that challenge at Sight Tech Global

about 10 hours ago

Imagine yourself unable to see well enough to drive, and how that...

How to make the most of iOS 14 widgets and iPhone home screen customization

about 10 hours ago

You’ve probably seen the screenshots going around that show iOS home screens...

Launcher brings its powerful widget-making app to iOS 14

about 10 hours ago

Launcher is bringing its customizable widgets to iOS 14 with new functionality...

Despite slowdowns, pandemic accelerates shifts in hardware manufacturing

about 10 hours ago

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t hit every factory in China at once The...

Pandemic accelerated cord cutting, making 2020 the worst-ever year for pay TV

about 12 hours ago

The pandemic has accelerated adoption of a number of technologies, from online...

Microsoft commits to putting more water than it consumes back into the ecosystems where it operates by 2030

about 12 hours ago

One good trend in 2020 has been large technology companies almost falling...