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Last updated about 1 month ago

I have a hard time taking compliments

about 1 month ago

A comic about taking compliments.View on my website

Boredom + Overeating

2 months ago

A comic about friendship.View on my website


2 months ago

A comic about positivity. View on my website

When I die

2 months ago

Reincatnation.View on my website

Finishing a project

2 months ago

A comic about cheetahs and tricycles.View on my website


2 months ago

A comic about booksView on my website


2 months ago

A comic about being tired and also full of energy.View on my...

Step aside, rookie.

3 months ago

Fight fire with fire.View on my website

Before and after quarantine

3 months ago

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.View on my website

What's your quarantine name?

3 months ago

For those stuck at home.View on my website

Eight marvelous and melancholy things I've learned about creativity

3 months ago

A 10 minute read.View on my website

How to be socially distant

4 months ago

A short guide to social distancing in 2020.View on my website