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Last updated about 2 hours ago

The History of the Guitar: See the Evolution of the Guitar in 7 Instruments

about 3 hours ago

A thoroughly modern instrument with an ancient heritage, the history of the...

Tune Into Japanese Jazz Week: Hear Sonic Explorations of Rich Jazz Tradition

about 6 hours ago

“Man,” a fellow working the checkout counter at Los Angeles’ Amoeba Music...

Foo Fighters Perform “Back in Black” with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson: When Live Music Returns

about 21 hours ago

At Saturday’s benefit concert, “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World,”...

Watch the Most Expensive Scene in Silent Film History: The Train Wreck From Buster Keaton “The General” (1926)

about 24 hours ago

Were it filmed today, the set piece of Buster Keaton’s The General...

David Hockney Shows Us His Sketch Book, Page by Page

1 day ago

Still working and exhibiting in his eighties, and indeed seeming to grow...

Who Invented Heavy Metal Music?: A Search for Origins

1 day ago

Where exactly did “heavy metal” start? Like a similar question—“what is the...

An Immersive Pink Floyd Museum Exhibition Is Coming to the U.S.: Get Tickets Online

4 days ago

While it’s not technically incorrect to call Pink Floyd a rock band,...

Japanese Carpenters Unearth 100-Year-Old Wood Joineries While Taking Apart a Traditional House

4 days ago

According to myth, the first Japanese poet, Susano-o, the storm god, named...

Watch “Colette,” the Oscar-Winning Short Documentary (2021)

5 days ago

Thanks to The Guardian, you can now watch online “Colette,” the film...

Wendy Carlos Demonstrates the Moog Synthesizer on the BBC (1970)

5 days ago

We can break popular music into two periods: before the Moog and...

Beautiful 19th-Century Indian Drawings Show Hatha Yoga Poses Before They Reached the West

5 days ago

Yoga as an athletic series of postures for physical health came into...