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Last updated about 5 hours ago

How to Turn on FaceTime Creepy Eyes in iOS 14

about 7 hours ago

I don’t FaceTime much, but I have frequently been accused of not...

How to Plan for Interest Rates Staying Low Through 2023

about 8 hours ago

Last week, the Federal Reserve shared its latest plans to boost the...

Blame the People in Charge

about 8 hours ago

Last month, it looked like the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had...

How to Plan Your Pandemic Holiday Air Travel

about 8 hours ago

Holiday travel is definitely going to look different this year. Many people...

The 10 Best Deals of September 21, 2020

about 9 hours ago

Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

How to Stop Windows From Crashing Your Lenovo Laptop

about 9 hours ago

Some Lenovo laptops owners will soon have a solution for a serious...

How to Get Around YouTube's Block of Picture-in-Picture Mode in iOS 14

about 10 hours ago

Just when we thought we’d come up with a clever hack to...

Don't Ignore the Tiny Hole in Your Food Processor Plunger

about 10 hours ago

If you have a food processor—or even if you don’t—you’re probably aware...

This Map Can Help You Decide Whether to Go Trick-or-Treating

about 11 hours ago

It may seem counterintuitive to trust a company like Hershey with advice...

How Air Quality Affects Your Ability to Exercise

about 11 hours ago

When air quality is poor—for example, from wildfire smoke—we’re advised not to...

What's the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

about 12 hours ago

You know, the importance of waterproof tech has waned in recent months...

What Freelancers Should Know About the New Tax Form

about 12 hours ago

If you made money from freelancing or gig economy work in 2020...