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Last updated 9 minutes ago

Get Paid $5,000 to Play Video Games, Stream TV Shows, or Shop Online

11 minutes ago

Everyone has taken a few minutes (or hours) of time during their...

How to Get Exactly What You Want at a Botox Appointment

about 1 hour ago

When you see someone with facial injectables you don’t like, there’s something...

Use Dish Soap and/or a Garden Hose to Locate Leaks in an Air Mattress

about 2 hours ago

After years of sleeping on low-quality air mattresses, you finally decided to...

How to Land a Job in Radio

about 3 hours ago

The radio can really put you in a good mood. From upbeat...

The Difference Between French and English Lavender, And Which Variety to Plant in Your Garden

about 4 hours ago

Not only does lavender look great on display in bouquets, it also...

Can You Get a Good Workout With Virtual Reality?

about 20 hours ago

Virtual reality headsets have come a long way since the first time...

7 Apps Every Movie Lover Needs

about 21 hours ago

I’ve never been very good at cultivating hobbies (whereas my brother-in-law is...

How to Get 25% Off Your Federally-Backed Mortgage

about 21 hours ago

With a moratorium on foreclosures ending July 31, a new White House...

How to Fix a Drawstring in Under Two Minutes

about 22 hours ago

The humble drawstring makes so many things possible—namely, cinching the hood of...

How to Screw Into Plaster Walls Without Crumbling Them to Pieces

about 22 hours ago

Plaster was the construction standard up until the 1940s, when drywall burst...

The Five Types of Personal Boundaries (and How to Set Them)

about 23 hours ago

It’s easy to think of “personal boundaries” as a subjective set of...

Pour Your Paper Plane Over Crushed Ice

about 23 hours ago

Hello, my little happy hour enjoyers. I wanted to let you know...