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Last updated about 12 hours ago

How to Spot Counterfeit Money Like a Secret Service Agent

about 13 hours ago

While cash isn’t as commonly used as it used to be, counterfeit...

How Many COVID Vaccine Shots Do You Need If You're Immunocompromised?

about 13 hours ago

The CDC has cleared up one of the ambiguities in its recent...

Don't Waste Leftover Vanilla Beans on Sugar

about 14 hours ago

I don’t know if it’s the rain, the wind, or the fact...

EVALI, CHS, and Other Weird Weed Side-Effects You Should Be Aware of

about 14 hours ago

The only cannabis news that seems to make it into the mainstream...

How to Wipe Your Mac Without Reinstalling the OS

about 15 hours ago

Resetting a Mac has always been a headache: The only way to...

How to Talk to Kids About Religion When You Don't Know What to Say

about 15 hours ago

“What is God? What happens when we die? Why don’t we go...

How to (Finally) Use SharePlay to Watch Videos Together on FaceTime

about 16 hours ago

Apple’s SharePlay was one of the features that didn’t make it to...

How to Hide the Notch on Your MacBook Pro

about 16 hours ago

This year, Apple finally listened to its user base, adding “pro” features...

What Non-Horror Movies Traumatized You As a Child?

about 17 hours ago

If you frequent movie theaters (or used to, sigh), you’ve no doubt...

How to Tell Your Friends You're Back With That Ex They Hate

about 17 hours ago

Relationships are tricky things. Sometimes, you can find yourself in a romantic...

20 Documentaries About Cults That Will Not Restore Your Faith in Humanity

about 18 hours ago

I’m addicted to documentaries about cults. I’m generally fascinated by extreme beliefs...

How to Create a Simple 50/20/30 Household Budget

about 18 hours ago

If you struggle to maintain a consistent household budget, consider a simple...