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Last updated about 20 hours ago

Relieving the Hubble Tension with Primordial Magnetic Fields

1 day ago

Author(s): Karsten Jedamzik and Levon PogosianThe standard cosmological model determined from the...

Extraction of Beam-Spin Asymmetries from the Hard Exclusive ${π}^{+}$ Channel off Protons in a Wide Range of Kinematics

1 day ago

Author(s): S. Diehl et al. (The CLAS Collaboration)We have measured beam-spin asymmetries...

Search for a Dark Leptophilic Scalar in ${e}^{+}{e}^{−}$ Collisions

1 day ago

Author(s): J. P. Lees et al. (BABAR Collaboration)Many scenarios of physics beyond...

Aging in the Long-Range Ising Model

1 day ago

Author(s): Henrik Christiansen, Suman Majumder, Malte Henkel, and Wolfhard JankeThe current understanding...

Weak Integrability Breaking: Chaos with Integrability Signature in Coherent Diffusion

1 day ago

Author(s): Marko ŽnidaričWe study how perturbations affect dynamics of integrable many-body quantum...

Variational Approach for Many-Body Systems at Finite Temperature

1 day ago

Author(s): Tao Shi, Eugene Demler, and J. Ignacio CiracWe introduce an equation...

Ab Initio Computation of Charge Densities for Sn and Xe Isotopes

1 day ago

Author(s): P. Arthuis, C. Barbieri, M. Vorabbi, and P. FinelliWe present the...

Search for Composite Dark Matter with Optically Levitated Sensors

1 day ago

Author(s): Fernando Monteiro, Gadi Afek, Daniel Carney, Gordan Krnjaic, Jiaxiang Wang, and...

Entanglement-Assisted Absorption Spectroscopy

1 day ago

Author(s): Haowei Shi, Zheshen Zhang, Stefano Pirandola, and Quntao ZhuangSpectroscopy is an...

Spectral Compression of Narrowband Single Photons with a Resonant Cavity

1 day ago

Author(s): Mathias A. Seidler, Xi Jie Yeo, Alessandro Cerè, and Christian KurtsieferWe...

Intermediate Mass-Ratio Black Hole Binaries: Applicability of Small Mass-Ratio Perturbation Theory

1 day ago

Author(s): Maarten van de Meent and Harald P. PfeifferThe inspiral phasing of...