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Dynamics of Topological Polarization Singularity in Momentum Space

1 day ago

Author(s): Yixuan Zeng, Guangwei Hu, Kaipeng Liu, Zhixiang Tang, and Cheng-Wei QiuThe...

Eightfold Degenerate Fermions in Two Dimensions

1 day ago

Author(s): Peng-Jie Guo, Yi-Wen Wei, Kai Liu, Zheng-Xin Liu, and Zhong-Yi LuMultifold...

High Efficiency Uniform Wakefield Acceleration of a Positron Beam Using Stable Asymmetric Mode in a Hollow Channel Plasma

1 day ago

Author(s): Shiyu Zhou, Jianfei Hua, Weiming An, Warren B. Mori, Chan Joshi...

Network Quantum Steering

1 day ago

Author(s): Benjamin D. M. Jones, Ivan Šupić, Roope Uola, Nicolas Brunner, and...

Enhancement of Spin-Charge Conversion in Dilute Magnetic Alloys by Kondo Screening

1 day ago

Author(s): Chunli Huang, Ilya V. Tokatly, and Miguel A. CazalillaWe derive a...

Urca Cooling in Neutron Star Crusts and Oceans: Effects of Nuclear Excitations

1 day ago

Author(s): Long-Jun Wang, Liang Tan, Zhipan Li, G. Wendell Misch, and Yang...

Grain Boundary Solute Drag Model in Regular Solution Alloys

1 day ago

Author(s): Malek Alkayyali and Fadi AbdeljawadWe present a grain boundary (GB) solute...

Quantum Variational Learning of the Entanglement Hamiltonian

1 day ago

Author(s): Christian Kokail, Bhuvanesh Sundar, Torsten V. Zache, Andreas Elben, Benoît Vermersch...

Viscometry of Electron Fluids from Symmetry

1 day ago

Author(s): Caleb Q. Cook and Andrew LucasWhen electrons flow as a viscous...

Investigation of Nonequilibrium Electronic Dynamics of Warm Dense Copper with Femtosecond X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

1 day ago

Author(s): Jong-Won Lee, Minju Kim, Gyeongbo Kang, Sam M. Vinko, Leejin Bae...

Dicke Transition in Open Many-Body Systems Determined by Fluctuation Effects

1 day ago

Author(s): Alla V. Bezvershenko, Catalin-Mihai Halati, Ameneh Sheikhan, Corinna Kollath, and Achim...

Using Disorder to Overcome Disorder: A Mechanism for Frequency and Phase Synchronization of Diode Laser Arrays

1 day ago

Author(s): N. Nair, K. Hu, M. Berrill, K. Wiesenfeld, and Y. BraimanNoise...